Dr. Karl Reiter
Universitaet Wien
Universitaetsring 1
A-1010 Wien

Election works council May 14/15 – - vote GAKU-PLUM-IG

The alliance of GAKU-PLUM-IG asks again for your approval and support. GAKU is the acronym for Unionized Committee Critical University, PLUM stands for Platform for University Participation, and IG is the short form of Interest Group of Lecturers and Knowledge Workers.

Our alliance is an emancipatory and critical representation of the interest of ALL members of the academic staff, employed whether within the framework of a research project or the global university budget (student assistants, tutors, lecturers, senior lecturers, senior scientists, post- and pre-docs, professors, including all civil servants). We stand for a democratic organization of the university and its personnel structure, independent of the university hierarchies (Kurien System) or group identities.

Our most important objectives are:

* Transparency
* Re-democratization
* Plannable university careers
* Permanent (tenure) jobs at all career levels
* Recognition of good work-performance
* Gender equality and diversity

As strongest party of the workers council we constantly work together to complete our objectives for all academic stuff. In the last years, due to tough negotiations and intense discussion with the university management we were able to accomplish at least part of our goals.

An important part of our commitment as members of the workers council are individual counselling to support all academic stuff with various problems of their daily work routine.